What Can You Do To Fight MAP Testing?

19 Jan

Garfield teachers and some teachers from Orca K-8 have refused to administer the MAP test.   MAP testing should end because:

  • Teachers don’t know what the test covers and get no results back.  The test has NO RELATION to what is being taught.
  • SPS administrators admitted that the margin of error for the test is greater than expected gains.  The test proves nothing.
  • Ninth-graders cannot afford to lose classroom time.
  • Scores are low because students don’t take the test seriously.   
  • Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson was on the board of the corporation that sells the exam – a clear conflict of interest.
  • No standardized test accurately reflects a student’s creativity and full potential. 


What can YOU do?


  • Tell your teachers, principal, PTSA, and Seattle Public School District staff and board that you oppose standardized testing in general and the MAP specifically
  • Tell your teachers that you will support them if they refuse to give the MAP
  • Opt your student out of the MAP.  It is NOT REQUIRED
  • Make copies of THIS FLYER and circulate at your school.  (please email us at dontbuyanything@gmail.com and let us know what school you have covered) 


  • Let your teachers, family/guardians, and friends know you oppose the MAP
  • After family discussions, refuse to take the MAP
  • If you do not feel comfortable overtly refusing to take the test, ANSWER EVERY QUESTION ON THE MAP WITH A “C” for CREATIVITY.  If enough students do this, it will invalidate their data, making it harder for them to use the test to control teachers and students. 


  • Unite with your colleagues and refuse to give the test.  
  • Tell other teachers that you will back them if there are retaliations against those refusing to give the test.
  • If your ENTIRE staff does not refuse to give the test, consider having a PORTION of the staff refuse to give the test.
  • Support students opting out or answering “C” for CREATIVITY.




3 Responses to “What Can You Do To Fight MAP Testing?”

  1. scrapthemap January 28, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    Reblogged this on Scrap the MAP!.

  2. metrobusman January 28, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

    All power to the Garfield mutineers!


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