Destroy the School to Prison Pipeline

27 Jan

Below is the text of a flyer that we created in solidarity with the School to Prison Pipeline workshop that was part of the MLK day events.    We also handed this out during the march and engaged a wide range of folks in valuable dialogue.

A pdf of the flyer is available here.


The global economic system has created a set of pipelines that trap all of our youth:

  • A pipeline to privilege for a select few
  • A pipeline to precarious labor for most
  • A pipeline to prison for everyone else

These pipelines are not color blind.  Youth of color are far more likely to be trapped in the School to Prison Pipeline:

Limited pre-K → Special Ed. → No APP or enriched programs → “Time Out Rooms” (prep for Solitary) → Suspension → Expulsion → Drop-out status → No college → No job → Arrest risk for drug charges (even though whites are more likely to use drugs) → Harsh sentencing → Multiple Incarcerations → Felon Status → Alienation


In the face of increasing automation and globalization, our economic system uses prison to remove those whose labor is no longer needed. (While profiting from prison industries…)

Meanwhile, those in the precarious labor pipeline are increasingly stressed by consumerism and fear of falling into homelessness or convict status.  The system is so rotten that even those in the privileged pipeline will eventually suffer with the rest of us in the face of environmental and social collapse.

Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline is more than just a struggle to move from the pipeline of the oppressed to the pipeline of the oppressor.

We need to dismantle ALL of the pipelines so that NO ONE is marginalized.


  • Call out Seattle Schools for disproportionate discipline

(Contact the Justice Department at 206-553-7970 to force them to not drop their investigation of Seattle Schools)


  • Call out Seattle Schools for poor support of Special Ed

(Contact Jose Banda at 206-252-0180 to demand Seattle Schools to properly support Special Education)


  • Support specialized programs for POC ( Africatown Innovation Center, American Indian Heritage, etc.)

(Contact the School Board at 206-252-0040 and ask them to approve the Africatown rental agreement ASAP)


  • Work to block the new $210M Juvenile Detention Facility at 12th and Alder.

(Visit for more info)


  • Call for reduced sentencing for minor drug offenses


  • Work to end the use of isolation rooms in schools


  • End the use of PTA funding that advantages privileged students in wealthier schools
  • Call out the use private schools and segregated APP programs that perpetuate the pipeline of privilege
  • Work to end stratification, segregation, competition, and tracking in schools and classrooms
  • Find joy in community, challenge conventional definitions of ‘success’, support everyone’s children, and actively work to liberate us all from the pipelines

For additional reading and discussion:


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