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This Saturday, Oct 19th is the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference in Seattle.  Creativity Not Control folks will be participating, and we’ll also be organizing the following events:

1) We’ll be tabling all day on Saturday during the conference – look for the bright orange and yellow banner that one of us made for this Saturday’s action at the Horace Mann building. 1378228_10152010496547642_2118418197_n

2) Some of us are going to go visit the Africatown Innovation Center at Horace Mann after the conference on Saturday. We’ll leave Chief Sealth at 4:45 and will get to Horace Mann, at 25th and Cherry, by 5:15. If you want to carpool, please look for us at the Creativity Not Control table.  For more info on groundbreaking work happening at Mann, check out:

3) People from around the Northwest will be coming to town, and some of us want to meet up to get to know each other and talk about what’s going on in our schools and our cities.

We’ll be hanging out from 9-11:30 PM at Saba Restaurant on Fri night, 110 12th Ave, Seattle, WA.  Come join us, kick back a bit before the conference, and meet other teachers, parents, and community members who are frustrated with the current state of education and want to do something about it.

Please share this invite with folks who might be interested. You don’t have to be a student, teacher, or a public school parent to come – what happens in the schools affects all of us.

Also, the place we are meeting doesn’t have an age limit so people of all ages are welcome.



Do you believe in justice and equality for all?

Do you believe in equitable education for all?

Do you want to see more effective education for all students in Seattle Public Schools?

So do we!

We are faced with a crisis in Seattle Public Schools!  Black children and families across the district are not receiving the education and services they deserve. The opportunity gap continues to grow! Now is the time bridge the opportunity gap.

The More4Mann Campaign seeks to partner with Seattle Public Schools to assist in advancing the achievement of black children by decreasing and ending the opportunity gap.

We are actively providing culturally relevant education for black children and families.

The More4Mann Campaign is working to establish a the AfricaTown Cultural Innovation Center in the Horace Mann School on 24th & Cherry. The Central District of Seattle is an historically black neighborhood and Horace Mann is an historical landmark.

The More4Mann Campaign is working to further establish AfricaTown Cultural Innovation Center in the Horace Mann building on 24th & Cherry and  WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We are still working with Seattle Public Schools to achieve an agreement that benefits both the district and the community. This plan will:

1) Provide AfricaTown with accessible and comparably affordable space until the completion of the renovation on the Horace Mann School.

2) Will provide future space and partnership in the Horace Mann School post the completion of the renovations.

3) Will be as community partnership that will assist the school district in achieving it’s goal of decreasing and ending the opportunity gap.

We are asking organization in support of the Campaign to:

1) Invite your constituents to the Mural Installation this Saturday, October 12th @ 9am. Seattle Public Schools invited us to design, paint and install murals at Horace Mann to beautify the space for renovation.

2) Send a member of your organization with a banner that has your name and/or Logo OR send members of your organization to the event to create a banner. These will be hung on the building as a public display of the organizations that are in support of the More4Mann campaign.

We will provide breakfast and family friend activities.

We need:

1) Art supplies

2) Paint & Spray

3) Banners

4) Ply wood

If you have questions please email us at:

Find the event on Facebook:

Aug 28: Justice Here & Now! Fighting Racism & Ending The School-To-Prison Pipeline

Africatown Center

2410 E. Cherry Street, Seattle, Washington

Justice Here & Now!
Fighting Racism & Ending The School-To-Prison Pipeline
Honoring the 50 Year Anniversary of March on Washington

Wednesday, Aug 28 , 2pm-8pm
Horace Mann (Africatown Center)
2410 E. Cherry St.

Facebook Event Page:

Live Art & Performances
BBQ/Potluck Dinner

4PM: Workshop by Rahwa of Hidmo Seattle:
Immigrants For Sale: How the racial profiling of immigrants and refugees benefits corporations, hurts the economy and makes everyone less safe.


James Bible, President, Seattle & King County – NAACP

Mark Cook, former Black Panther and political prisoner of 27 years

Jesse Hagopian, teaches history and is the Black Student Union adviser at Garfield High School, the site of the historic boycott of the MAP standardized test.

Jen Marlowe, worked to prevent the execution of Troy Davis, a man who was executed by the state of Georgia on September 21, 2011 despite a compelling case of innocence. Her upcoming book, I Am Troy Davis, written with Troy’s sister Martina Davis-Correia, tells, from Martina’s perspective, the story of her joint struggle for her brother’s life and her own life.


The first March on Washington saw thousands travel from across the country to demand jobs and freedom from Jim Crow segregation and racism. Fifty years later those demands are again on the table for many African-Americans. In the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal, there is a renewed sense of how pervasive racism is today in the United States.

What has come to be called the “school-to-prison pipeline” is turning too many schools into pathways to incarceration rather than opportunity. This trend has extraordinary implications for teachers and education activists. It affects everything from what we teach to how we build community in our classrooms, how we deal with conflicts with and among our students, how we build coalitions, and what demands we see as central to the fight for social justice education.

Since 2010, the Horace Mann building has been leased from the Seattle Public Schools by families and individuals in the Central District who have been envisioning an Africa Town for Seattle for some time, and have established classes and workshops in Horace Mann during the last 3 years. Now, Seattle Public Schools calls for an end to the lease, an eviction of the Africa Town classes and workshops, and a remodel or rebuild for future housing of Nova Alternative School.

Join us for a panel and day of events as More 4 Mann Coalition calls for support from the wider community to establish the Horace Mann as a community learning center!

Sponsored by:
More 4 Mann Coalition
No New Jim Crow
Umoja PEACE Center
Partnership for Black Parent Empowerment
African American Longshore Coalition
Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
Peoples Institute NW
Youth Undoing Institutionalized Racism
Black Prisoners Caucus


Flyering sessions to expand the MAP test boycott:

We will be passing out flyers encouraging more teachers, students, and family members to join the Seattle teachers who are boycotting the MAP test.

Wed, Feb 13th.  Flyering at Franklin High School.  Meet at 2:45 PM in front of FHS.

Thurs, Feb 14th, Flyering downtown.  Meet at 1:00 PM at the Westlake Park stage, at the north end of the park across the street from the mall.

NOTE: Fri, Feb 15th Flyering at Franklin High School is cancelled

Picket vs. High-Stakes Standardized Testing

When: Tues Feb 19th, meet at 6:00 PM

Where: in front of Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Avenue, Seattle.

Invite your friends on Facebook.

Michelle Rhee, one of the ideologues of the corporate “Education Reform” movement, is speaking at Town Hall.  The corporate agenda of education reform means more high -stakes standardized testing, and less culturally relevant, anti-racist curriculum.  It means more boredom and control and less creativity for youth and teachers in the classroom.

The current public schools reproduce racial, class, and gender inequality, and we all need to come together to fight these problems ourselves as working class and oppressed communities. CEOs like Rhee might claim to be radicals fighting these issues in order to put students first.  But they are really pushing further corporate takeover of the public schools, which will make these problems worse.  We need to fight back and create our own solutions.

We will gather outside Rhee’s talk in a demonstration of solidarity with the Seattle teachers who have really put students first by refusing to administer the standardized MAP test.

Discussion Forum:

When: Thurs, March 21st, 6 PM

Where:  Black Coffee Coop, 501 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122

We will host an open discussion about problems in the current education system, alternatives to standardized testing, and how we can come together to fight back.

We may watch and discuss a short film about education struggles to get our imaginations going

Re-Blogged from Scrap the Map:

GET READY! THIS WEDNESDAY, January 30 is a national call/phone/fax day to tell Seattle Public Schools that you, your organization and your union stand with the teachers in the MAP test boycott. Send your message to Seattle Schools Superintendent José Banda:

Phone: (206) 252-0180
Fax: (206) 252-0209

If you send an email, share it with us here in the comments!

Next week, WEDNESDAY, February 6 will be a National Day in Solidarity with the Seattle Test Boycott. This can be an opportunity to gather petitions, pass resolutions and take solidarity photos that, again, can sent to  Other possible solidarity activities could include a press release or press conference outside your local school district office with parent/teacher/community groups. If you are near the offices of one of the corporate education “reform” groups or education profiteers like test publishers, you can have a press conference or picket line.

Email us at or use the “Contact Us” link to tell us about your plans!

Wednesday, January 23:

4 p.m. :   Rally at the John Stanford Center

5 p.m. :   Public Testimony School Board Meeting (at the John Stanford Center)

      This Wednesday at 4:00 PM there will be a rally at the Stanford Center.
      5:00 PM is the start of public comment during the school board meeting.
      It would be great if parents, teachers, and students could speak in support of the Garfield teachers at that time.  Even if you don’t speak, it’s always good to have others there to applaud and show their support.
      To follow are the guidelines for getting onto the agenda to speak:
      Even though tomorrow is a holiday, the calls will be taken in the morning starting at 8:00 AM for the Wednesday meeting.
      This is first come, first served so  start calling at 7:59 AM.
       From the SPS website:
      The School Board Office will take sign-ups for the public testimony list starting at 8:00 am on the Monday before regular Board meetings and continue until 12:00 noon Tuesday before the meeting. The final list of public testimony will be posted on the Board agenda website by close of business the day before the regular Board meeting.
      To sign up for public testimony, members of the public should e-mail

       or call

(206) 252-0040

       and give their legal name, telephone number, e-mail address, and the topic they would like to address. (Since Seattle Public Schools is a public agency, this information will fall into the public domain.) If complete information is not provided, you will not be included on the list. Please note, only the person who will be providing testimony may request the spot.

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