Bringing the Trainwreck to Bill Gates’ Doorstep

1 May

As we have written about previously, we have a legitimate fear that the public policy ‘experiments’ of the Gates Foundation are leading to a trainwreck of epic proportions.

In this post from last month, we provided an overview and links to further reading about many of the flawed policies of the Gates Foundation — from their investments in explosive tar sands oil trains, private juvenile prisons, and immigrant detention facilities, to their promotion of extreme techo-capitalist education policies.

Over the next several weeks, there are a couple of chances to again bring this fight to the front lawn of the Gates Foundation in Seattle.

On Saturday, May 10th at 10 am, the Gates Foundation is sponsoring a “Teen Action Fair” at their visitor center @ 440 5th Ave N. (You can check out their Facebook event here).

Outside the event, we will join with others to autonomously engage with and support young people attending in asking their own critical questions about the role of wealth and power in our society.  We hope to provide additional educational information to contextualize the narrow view that will be offered inside by the Gates Foundation staff.  Details are still, TBD, but we hope to offer teach-ins, dialogue, and fun engagement.

Additionally, on Thursday, June 26th at 5 pm, the Washington “Badass Teachers Association” is hosting a Rally to Save Education. This group is protesting Gates’ role in the privatization of education. The event will start at Westlake and end at the Gates Foundation. (You can check out their Facebook event here)

We plan to support the permitted teacher event 5-7pm, and autonomous solidarity actions from allied groups are encouraged.

Here is a flyer that is being used to publicize these events.

Please stay tuned here for more details and drop a note to if you would like to be more involved.


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