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Shout Out From Oakland

14 Feb

Classroom Struggle – an organization fighting for equality in the Oakland Public Schools –  is organizing to support the testing boycott in Seattle.  In their solidarity statement, they gave a shout out to Creativity Not Control:

This struggle is also being waged by some students who are mobilizing to join the boycott by answering ‘C’ for Creativity not control on all questions of the MAP test. For more information on the boycott please visit creativitynotcontrol.wordpress.com. Creativity Not Control is a group of educators organizing to spread this boycott to schools in working class neighborhoods. They intend to pass out flyers on the boycott at two South End schools over the next two weeks.

via Solidarity with Seattle Teachers and Students Refusing Pointless Standardized Tests!.

We should prepare to reciprocate that solidarity if need be.  Oakland schools are currently  facing 7.6 million in cuts, and folks there are organizing against it.